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Jaw surgery


Widening of upper jaw by distraction

Before widening of the upper jaw.   After widening of the upper jaw.

Activation phase

A new consultation is scheduled a week later. The blocking screw will be removed and the activation of the device can start. The distractor has a center screw that must be turned with a key. The divider is “activated” by placing the key into the key-hole in the center screw and then gently pushing toward the back of the mouth.
Each day, we open the palate ± 0,5 mm. So, after 10 days, we can expect an opening of 5 mm between the two front teeth.

The screw usually has to be turned for 1 to 3 weeks depending on the amount of widening needed.

Consolidation phase

Once the widening of the palate is achieved, the fixing screw is placed again. The distractor should be kept firm and immobile in the mouth for 3 to 5 months. This allows time for new bone to form and ensures that the widening will not relapse.

In this phase, the orthodontist may begin treatment to close the gap between the front teeth.

Later on, the plates on both sides of the palate will be removed surgically under local anaesthesia.

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